Thursday, July 03, 2008

Triathlon Resources

What is a triathlon?:
In summary a triathlon is an event that includes a swim, bike, and run in that order. Races vary in distance from super sprint to longer than Ironman distances. Instead of giving you the low down here I've compiled a list of sites that have already written on the subject, they are in no particular order:

Wikipedia Triathlon Definition
Ezine Article "What is a triathlon and how can I train for it?"

How do I train for a triathlon?:
The short answer is to say training is unique for every individual. The place to start is to decide why you want to do a triathlon. Somebody who wants to "enjoy a new challenge" may have a different training program than somebody who wants to "lose weight".

Here are some of the considerations when thinking about how you are going to train.
- What degrees of fitness are you starting out with?
- What are your strengths? (ie. Do you already run, bike, or swim?)
- How is your physiology unique? (ie. someone who sweats more will need to drink more.)
- How much time do you have to devote to training?
- What triathlon race distance do you want to do?

I'm no expert on each individuals training needs. However I have compiled a short list of free training plans and resources that you can find online. Free Training Program
Beginner Triathlete Training Programs Training ArticlesTriathlon Training Books
Triathlon Training Videos

Why a triathlon?
Everybody has their own reasons for doing a triathlon here are some common reasons:
- Personal Goal: Completing an Ironman distance triathlon is consider a life goal for many that have seen the inspiring stories from the Hawaii Ironman World Championship on TV.
- Challenge: Many people are just looking for a new challenge or adventure to take on. There are few events as challenging and immersive as completing in a triathlon.
- Improve Fitness/Cross Train: Cross training is a great way to stay fit and reduce the risk of injury by utilizing different muscle groups and reducing injuries caused by repetitive strain.
- Lose Weight: Countless number of people have improved their fitness and in turn lost weight due to training for a triathlon. It is a uniquely challenging sport that has the effect of dramatically changing peoples' lifestyles.

Here's another list of resources. This one is related to articles regarding why you might want to tri.

Runner's World Article "Why Not Tri?"