Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bento Box for Triathlon and Bike

The Bento Box for Triathlon and the Bike is basically a nutrition bag that typically connects to the top tube and top portion of your fork under the stem of your bike. It is commonly used by triathletes and bikers riding long distances. Some may not know but there are a variety of options and I've listed some below.

(CLICK EACH IMAGE below to find more information and pricing)

Standard Sized Bento Box comes in 3 colors.

Serfas Large Stem Bag - This is an extra long bag for those who may want to carry a subway sandwich ;)

TNi Bento Box TRZ bike bag - This design is unique in that it is slanted and not shaped like a box.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Triathlon Wetsuits: A Primer

Here's short guide on triathlon wetsuits. I just want to qualify that I'm not a pro on triathlon wetsuits in the sense that I don't make them. My experience comes from swimming in them and selling them for years.

Features - Triathlon wetsuits have some or all of the following features. Generally when you pay more you get more but that's not always the case.

- Catch panels in the arms - To some degree or another most triathlon wetsuits build in a material or special construction that increases the amount of water you can pull on the catch phase of your swim stroke.
- Slick coating - The surface of many triathlon wetsuits including mid to high end suits have a special coating that makes you move faster through the water. This is a benefit for all swimmer because it makes it easier to swim thus saves energy and effort.
- Special Cut - Triathlon wetsuits are constructed to take into consideration proper swimming form. This like all other features focuses on supporting a more efficient swimming technique.
- Special Materials - You'll see many different types of textures and materials in tri wetsuits. All of these materials serve different specific purposes with the broad purpose of making it easier to swim.
- Tighter fit - important because less water in the suit mean dragging less water which leads again means less effort.
- New Technologies - The highest end triathlon wetsuits offer special technologies that you won't find anywhere else in wetsuit construction. Most of these are dramatic and visually obvious features. The best way to describe some of these features is to provide links to some suits which offer these technologies. Just one look and you'll see why they are different.

Beginner - Here are some notes and resources for beginners looking to buy a triathlon wetsuit.

- A triathlon wetsuit is designed for surface swimming. Unlike surfing and diving wetsuits which have considerations for warmth. Most performance triathlon brands only focus on buoyancy and flexibility. These considerations make swimming more efficient, easy, and fast. This is important for triathletes who need to do a bike and run right after.
- Entry wetsuits start in the $200 range for full sleeve triathlon wetsuits. Sleeveless wetsuits start below $200.
- With $200 entry level wetsuits as compared to wetsuits $300 and up there are compromises in what you are getting. In many cases you aren't getting the "standard" high quality manufactured rubber that offer greater flexibility and buoyancy.
- At the lower price point manufacturers build in a triathlon cut and still try to offer a few features only found in tri wetsuits. Again the trade off is that manufacturers generally have to substitute brand name neoprene for generic neoprene and this is a concern because much of the flexibility and buoyancy comes from the high quality materials.
- Triathlon Wetsuit Buying Guide
- Triathlon Wetsuits at


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Local Triathlon Wetsuit Rental has brand new 2009 triathlon wetsuits for rent.

For people in remote areas of the country check out the website because ships triathlon wetsuit rentals.

If you'd like to rent a wetsuit for any of the following races consider because of it selection, new wetsuits, and locality.

Newport Beach Triathlon
Long Beach Triathlon
Orange County Triathlon
CSULB Triathlon
Los Angeles Triathlon Series And Tri Express #3
Redondo Beach Triahtlon
Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Triathlon

Currently Available for men and women:

Zoot Sports Men's Synergy WetZoot 2009 - Click on the image or link for a description of the rental program. The Zoot Synergy wetsuit is a premium wetsuit that is being rented at an entry level price. You get more bang for your buck when you rent the Zoot Synergy triathlon wetsuit.

Zoot Sports Women's Synergy WetZoot 2009 - Click on the image or link for a description of the rental program. Since the Zoot Synergy wetsuit is a middle to high end triathlon wetsuit it provides more flexibility and buoyancy than some other beginner level wetsuits. So if you are a beginner you can get the added benefit without spending more.

UPDATE 08/01/09: Blue Seventy Wetsuits are available for rental.

Our click here for all triathlon wetsuits available for rent at is located in Santa Ana, CA. So anybody in the surrounding cities or Orange County can go by to try on a wetsuit for sizing.

I'm going to list a bunch of local cities nearby so it makes it easier for those looking for a rental wetsuit to find this resource. Please bear with me. Here goes:
Tustin, Irvine, Newport Beach, Fountain Valley, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange, Anaheim Hills, Fullerton, Placentia, Garden Grove, Buena Park, Westminster, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, La Habra, Pomona, etc... there are tons more cities that I can reach out to but I think this is a sufficient list. We strive to offer the largest selection and best service in the nation so being a local resource is a great benefit to any triathlete nearby.

Disclaimer: As always, if you didn't already know, I work for


Monday, October 13, 2008

Zoot Sports Men's CompressRx Sock 2009

I recently got a size 3 Zoot Sports Men's CompressRx Sock 2009. The sizing for these socks aren't based on foot size. Instead it's based on calf size because the focus of this sock is on calf compression so it makes sense. For those of you that are curious I wear a size 9.5-10 shoe and the size 3 fits fine. Since it's pretty flexible around the foot I can see it fitting a wide variety of foot sizes.

Performance: While I have worn these on short runs and rides these times were not when I noticed the biggest difference in performance. I noticed the biggest difference in performance on a day I was at a trade show walking/standing on my feet from 7am-7pm. Normally my legs would be either sore or fatigued by the end of the day. However, the day I wore these my legs still felt strong by the end of the day. I also tried on the Zoot CompressRx active compression tights for a different day and seemed to have the same results I'll save the details for another review.

You can buy the socks here: Zoot Sports Men's CompressRx Sock at

Note to self: Don't forget to write reviews on the following products, Profile Saddle, 2XU Velocity Wetsuit, Orca RS1 Wetsuit, Zipp wheels, Profile Design Aerodrink V2, Scott Plasma, Aquasphere Kaiman goggles, Zoot CompressRx active compression tights, 2XU Recovery socks black.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

H2O Audio Ipod Shuffle Waterproof Housing 2nd Gen

I've used the H2O water proof housing and headsets for my shuffle swimming in a pool and in the ocean. The first time I used it at the pool I decided that I couldn't train again without it. If you are like me swimming can get boring when you're swimming long distances and for long periods of time.

Sound Quality:
Some people have concerns about hearing the music under water with all the splashing; however, with the silicon ear buds ( included with the H2O headsets I purchased) the sound was very clear. You will have to spend some time to get the ear buds to fit just right but it will be worth it. Don't get me wrong, you will still hear the splashing of your swim, but turn up the music and you should have no problems hearing your favorite tunes stroke after stroke.

Lastly, the H2O Audio iPod Shuffle housing INCLUDES an arm band so you don not have to purchase one separately. I was very happy about that. Great value!

Price Paid:
H20 Audio iPod Shuffle Waterproof Housing 2nd Gen: $39.95
H20 Audio Waterproof Headsests: $49.99

A couple popular accessories:
1. H2O Audio Swimbelt for iPod Shuffle (2nd Gen) $39.95 - If you'd rather attach the iPod Shuffle to your waist this is a good choice. The benefit in this belt would be a more balanced stroke since you won't have the shuffle on one of your arms.
2. H2O Audio Pro Armband for iPod Shuffle (2nd Gen) - Why this armband over the included one? The Pro Armband is heavier duty, completely surrounds the iPod Shuffle housing, and I believe that it holds it more steady against your arm.

(Purchased at for which I work.)


Zoot Ultra Triathlon Shoes

Recently I've wanted to get a pair of these triathlon specific shoes from Zoot. Even though my store carries them I haven't gotten my self a pair.

Zoot ultra race shoe

Zoot sports ultra race shoe in box

We have a good selection in stock.

You can get the Ultra Race tri shoes at One Tri here: Zoot Ultra Triathlon Race Shoe.

Update: I did get a pair of the Zoot Sports Men's ULTRA Tempo+ Shoe 2008 ($129.95) - I haven't put any serious milage on them yet, but I'll put in a review when I get the chance. My initial thoughts are that they are light and comfortable for a moderate stability shoe. It's also hard to ignore all the tri specific thought put into the shoe. On first inspection the shoe looks impressive.